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Do You Have a Workplace Injury Case?

Treating Injury

Have you recently been hurt on the job? Are you struggling to receive compensation for an injury you experienced while participating in on-the-job activities? You aren't alone if this is the case.

Each year, many people are hurt at work, and unfortunately many do not receive compensation for their injuries. Some people are even left in debt, facing mounting medical bills. Taking steps to prevent this from happening to you is essential.

What Should a Workplace Do to Prevent Injuries?

Employers should take precautions to prevent employers from becoming injured while at work. Meeting OSHA standards is often a basic need for the workplace. Workplace precautions should typically include fall protection, communication of potential hazards, and proper scaffolding.

Additionally, employers should seek to prevent respiratory issues, chemical burns, electrical burns, and unsafe machinery. You should take notice of your workplace's tendency toward maintenance, temperature, adequate lighting, and cleanliness. 

What Kinds of Accidents Happen at Work?

Unfortunately, many different types of accidents can happen at work. Many issues happen as a result of dangerous machinery or because an employee slipped on a wet floor. Machine entanglement and vehicle accidents also happen at work. You might fall or be hit by a falling object or face a repetitive motion injury. Strained muscles and carpal tunnel syndrome are common.

In some workplaces, violent acts are more common than others. Perhaps the employer was simply not paying attention to suspicious activities occurring on the grounds, or maybe insufficient security was present. In 2014 alone, nearly 16,000 workers experienced trauma in nonfatal violent acts at work. Many of these people work in health and social service career tracks.

Overextension and overexertion also happen at work, more often than most people like to believe. Stress injuries linked to overexertion could link to using certain tools (especially with vibration), working while bending over, and using awkward limb positioning. You might even be injured from standing in the same position for a long period of time.

Should You File a Claim after a Workplace Injury?

Filing a claim is often not easy when you have a workplace injury, but it is still a good idea. Big companies tend to have strong attorneys who are well-versed in fending off cases of workplace injuries. For this reason, you need an attorney who is just as strong.

Workers' compensation may be denied even if you demonstrate your claim, so filing a claim against a negligent workplace may be essential for this reason too.

Should You Hire a Workplace Injury Lawyer?

Absolutely. You should always hire a workplace injury attorney if your employer denied your claim or you have never received benefits you deserve. You should also hire an attorney if you have received a settlement from your employer, but this settlement fails to cover the entirety of your medical expenses. You may also have a case if you are unable to return to work after an injury.

Some people also struggle with claims if the accident occurred on break during work, was exacerbated by a pre-existing condition, or is linked to a mental health issue. Many workplaces may also try to retaliate against those who file these claims, meaning you need somebody who understands the law on your side

Even if you do not make it to court, a workplace injury attorney helps you fill out paperwork, meet deadlines, and gather the documents necessary to pursue a claim.

Fortunately, you have solid attorneys like The Law Offices of Andreopoulos & Hill PLLC on your side. Our team is highly experienced in handling workplace injury cases just like this one. With more than 40 years in workplace injury law experience, we are ready to help you receive the benefits or compensation you deserve.