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Car Accidents and Holidays

Getting into a car accident at any point is tough enough to handle, but things can feel a lot worse when these accidents occur around special events like the holiday season. During the holidays, a car accident injury can impact your ability to work, purchase gifts for loved ones and spend time with loved ones on days like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Thankfully, if you're involved in a car accident, a personal injury lawyer can help represent your case. Along with meeting deadlines and filling out the proper paperwork, your case may include personal statements on pain and suffering.

During the holidays, you may be dealing with increased pain and suffering. Figuring out these emotional impacts can help get you the settlement you deserve.

Family Impact

Not only do you have to deal with your own physical injuries and emotional trauma following a car crash, but you have to deal with the impact it has on your family. For example, you may have to cancel your family's expensive holiday plans.

The car accident may also cause you additional stress and emotional pain as you struggle to go out and purchase presents for loved ones. Or if you're usually one of the main cooks at Thanksgiving, guilt and stress can come over you when you're unable to provide the big meal for your family.

Even if something seems trivial, it may cause more stress than you realize. This is why it's important to write down things, discuss them with an attorney and ensure that all your pain and suffering is covered during a case.

Holiday Traditions

Along with spending time with family, you may have to miss out on other holiday traditions for the whole season. For instance, you may find it emotionally challenging to get back in a car. If this is the case, then you may not want to drive to look at Christmas lights.

Your injuries may hinder you from visiting a tree farm and cutting down a tree. All of these emotional impacts can add up and make you feel depressed. If this is the case, then a lawyer can guide you in the right direction.

Work Impact

The holiday season typically includes increased expenses for families. Food, gifts and travel can all add up to a lot of extra spending. Therefore, you might want to consider the impact the accident has had on your job.

For example, you may suffer financially and emotionally because of missed time at work. If you get workers' comp, it may not be enough or close to what you were originally making. Stresses like this can spill over to beyond the holidays, adding to the emotional trauma the accident caused.

A personal injury attorney can guide you in the right direction. Along with calculating the amount lost from missing work, they can figure in the emotional trauma as well.

Future Holidays

The impact of a car accident during the holidays not only affects the current season but can extend to holidays in the future. During these times, you may find emotional triggers when in a busy intersection or near the area where the car accident took place.

The time of year may add extra stress and trauma, preventing you from going out as often. Your holiday travel plans may dramatically change and exclude things like road trips or longer rides. These things should not be ignored when it comes to holiday travel.

No matter how long it's been since the accident, you may still suffer from post-traumatic stress, and PTSD should be factored into your compensation.

To ensure you get the compensation you deserve, reach out to Andreopoulos & Hill PLLC. We have represented numerous car accident cases and recovered millions for our clients. Contact us today to start building your case.