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Appeal Your Worker’s Compensation Denial

Filing a claim for worker’s compensation is not as easy as it should be, unfortunately. However, if you’ve been injured on the job, you have the right to workers compensation. If you’ve been denied compensation, you need to know your rights to fight back!

Take Legal Action

The sad truth is that a lot of insurance companies will deny a workers compensation whether the claim is valid or not. They hope that by making the process difficult, you will simply give up. Don’t fall for it!
If you think you have been wrongly denied, you need to hire an attorney. Insurance companies rely on the intricacies of legal code, loopholes and legal bullying to get out of paying all the time. Hiring an experience workers compensation lawyer will give you the expertise and representation you need to take on the insurance companies and get what you deserve.

The Appeal Process

Filing an appeal is easy when you have the proper professional help. At Law Offices of Andreopoulos & Hill PLLC, out attorneys can help to make sure you appeal forms are accurate and everything is filled out properly. We can also help to make sure the process is expedited as quickly as possible for your benefit!
You don’t have to go through this fight alone. For more information or to set up a consultation, contact our office today.